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Partners in Focus

Partners in Focus

Ministers have been excited and have pushed us."


How did the government of Sweden become so involved in the issue of short-lived climate pollutants?

It was sort of a coincidence, really. The Minister of Environment [of Sweden] wanted concrete measures on reducing emissions, to give fast results on the climate, and UNEP came out with its report on the 16 measures that can reduce temperature rise by a half a degree. The Stockholm Environment Institute had also been involved in this research, and it all brought short-lived climate pollutants to the forefront.

And so how did this evolve into the Climate and Clean Air Coalition?

A number of other governments were also looking at how to make a fast impact on climate change and asking what is possible. The US organized a workshop in Washington in August 2011, then Mexico held one where Sweden was also engaged on a ministerial level, and we started discussing things with Mexico, wondering if we could create something global to move things forward...